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"The moment that Clint walked out on our stage, he had those kids in his hands."

- Drew Williams -Principal Tuachan High

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"Teens, college students or a corporate audience; Clint’s message is impactful."

- Michael Snapp -Counselor at UVU

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"People that work with students need this message. It is definitely worth your money."

- Shari Leder -Educator MWE Association

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"Clint is the voice of the millennial generation. He will light a spark in your company."

- Robert Ferrell -Corporate CEO DDS Inc

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Those aren’t the only ones who think highly of Clint. Clients constantly remark on Clint Pulvers unique approach, drum performance, humor and unforgettable personal stories with universal appeal. He is a one of a kind story that has experienced first hand that recognizing what's within makes all the difference in the world of management to the front lines, Helping young people design a life worth living, connecting people to people, team member to team member and company to customer.

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How Is Clint Different?

· Engagement ·

Through his use of humor, stories and relevant messages, Clint is able to effectively reach and connect with everyone from executive management, high school and college students, support staff, first year teacher or 30-year veteran educator.

· Entertainment ·

As an entertaining motivational speaker Clint offers the best of two worlds. That of an entertainer and that of a motivator. He brings in the unique WOW factor with his jaw dropping musical abilities as a professional drummer and his witty on spot comedic timing.

· Education ·

The content is lasting, universal and inspiring. Clint gives you the how to’s and the reasons behind the whys. Audiences walk away with purpose, inspiration and actionable goals. He breaks down the content in a way that is memorable and relevant to the questions and needs of the individual audience.

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