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Clint Pulver is the high-energy keynote speaker for today’s audiences. He is a mesmerizing blend of Motivational Keynote Speaker, Musician, Comedian, Emmy Award-winner and Leading Authority on Employee Retention. Every year, Clint travels the globe as the UNDERCOVER MILLENNIAL speaking to hundreds of organizations with his high-energy performance and rock-the-house keynotes, tailored to every audience. He’s also the no-stress speaker clients love to work with.


In his new book, I LOVE IT HERE, retention and generational workforce expert Clint Pulver pulls back the curtain to reveal the research and unscripted truths of the 10,000+ employees he has interviewed as the Undercover Millennial – which unveils the reasons for their lasting loyalty – and what triggers them to head for the exit door. Full of actionable strategies and proven methods to diminish employee turnover and skyrocket retention. I LOVE IT HERE shares the magic behind how extraordinary leaders create companies their people never want to leave.

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Clint is the Undercover Millennial

Capturing authentic employee views in game-changing new ways.

The Undercover Millennial Program offered an insider’s peek at what your organization’s team members think, feel, and need in a way that can be both eye-opening and empowering. It then delivers a finely tailored action-plan that guarantees your leadership team has exactly what they need to reduce attrition, elevate engagement, cultivate creativity and collaboration -- and build an organization where employees can’t wait to come to work! In a world where businesses often experience (and pay the cost of) revolving door turnover – this program is paving the way for next level loyalty and through-the-roof productivity.

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Delve deeper into the art of Mentor-Management with Clint’s exciting new MASTERCLASS VIDEO SERIES! In 52 entertaining and easy-to-watch weekly master classes, your leaders will learn step-by-step how to bring out the best in their people—and in themselves—as a leader, regardless of what industry they work in.

What People Are Saying

J.D. Shafer

"We wouldn’t have changed a thing. Clint was the best thing that has ever happened to us."

- J.D. Shafer -Sr. Director at ISAC

jim bull

"The message he brings is relevant and needed to any organization that wants to retain their people."

- Jim Bull -Division VP at Big O Tires

robert ferrell

"Clint is the voice of the millennial generation. He will light a spark in your company."

- Robert Ferrell -CEO at DDS Inc

jason elliot

"It was game changing for us...if you’re looking at Clint for your next event…just do it!"

- Jason Ellis -CEO at Spring Mobile

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